Saturday, October 22, 2011

St. Martin Roman Catholic

St. Martin Roman Catholic Church N. Fulton Ave. and W. Fayette Ave.
Originally built in the 1850's, St. Martin's was one of several Catholic churches in south-west Baltimore. Many of its members worked at the B&O railroad manufacturing  and repair yards several blocks south of the church.  In 1873 Pomplitz installed  the church's second  pipe organ. The case and many ranks were reused in the present 1924 Casavant. St. Martin's recently merged with two other nearby congregations and the building has been closed. 

        GREAT                                                              SWELL
    16' Double Open Diapason                       16' Bourdon       
     8' Open Diapason                                       8' Open Diapason 
     8' Violin Diapason                                    8' Melodia       
     8' Salicional                                               8' Stopped Diapason
     8' Gross Flute                                              8' Viola da Gamba
     4' Principal                                                8' Voix Celeste  tc
     4' Harmonic Flute                                       8' Aeoline       
 2 2/3' Twelfth                                                 4' Principal     
    2' Fifteenth                                                  4' Flute         
   III  Mixture                                                   2' Flautino      
     8' Tromba                                                   III  Cornet       
                                                                          8' Trumpet
                                                                          8' Oboe  
         CHOIR                                                   Tremolo
    8' Open Diapason                                      
    8' Stopped Diapason                          
    8' Dulciana          
    8' Viole                                                       PEDAL
    4' Rohrflöte                                          32' Double Open     (Resutant)
    8' Clarinet                                             16' Open Diapason 
       Tremolo                                             16' Bourdon       
                                                                   16' Gedeckt          (SW)
                                                                     8' Cello         
                                                                     8' Octave          (ext)
                                                                     8' Stopped Flute   (ext)
                                                                   16' Trombone      
Italics = stops from previous 1873 Pomplitz Organ

Saturday, July 30, 2011

St. Mary's Outreach Center, Hampden

St. Mary Outreach Center 3900 Roland Ave Baltimore MD 21211
Built as St. Mary’s Episcopal Church , in the old mill town of Hampden, The large 1903 Adam Stein sits silent, but totally intact. Due to dwindling congregation and a proliferation of Episcopal Churches in the area, the Episcopal diocese converted the building into a  community outreach center, with the main part of the church converted into theater space. The Stein organ was the final hurrah of an ambitious rector who greatly enlarged the building in 1901.  The organ supplanted a reed organ. Dedication of the organ December 1901. The Great sits just above the impost and behind the small chancel facade. The Choir division stands behind the and slightly above the Great, with the Swell above the Choir.  A Nave facing facade does not function.
In the early 1990s’ David Storey restored the keyboards and keydesk. The Great 16 Double open Diapason has several monkey-quint bass pipes as there is no height for full length pipes. The voicing of these pipes is so good that it is nearly impossible to detect the change from open pipes to quinted pipes.

  GREAT 61 notes                                  SWELL 61 notes                                                  
   16 Double Open Diapason                      16 Bourdon bass                      
     8 1st Open Diapason                              16 Bourdon Treble                   
     8 2nd Open Diapason                               8 Open Diapason                      
     8 Viol di Gamba                                        8 Salicional                              
     8 Doppel Flote                                           8 Aeoline                                 
     8 Dulciana                                                  8 Celeste                                  
     4 Octave *                                                   8 Stopped Dia
     4 Flute Octaviante *                                   4 Gemshorn  
     2-2/3 Twelfth *                                            4 Flute Harmonique
     2 Fifteenth *                                                 2 Flagolet
    III-IV Mixture *                                             III Cornet
     8 Trumpet *                                                 8 Cornopean
     *= enclosed with Choir                                 8 Oboe
                                                                          8 Vox Humana
     Sw/ Gt                                                           Tremolo
     Sw/Gt octaves
     Ch/ Gt

    CHOIR 61 notes                                         PEDAL 30 notes
 8 Geigen Principal                                     16 Open Diapason
 8 Concert Flute                                         16 Bourdon
 8 Dulciana                                                   8 Violincello
 4 Fuagara                                                       Sw/Ped
 4 Flute D’ Amour                                             Ch/Ped
 2 Piccolo Harmonique                                     Gt/Ped (reversible)
 8 Clarinet

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Strawbridge Methodist Church

Strawbridge Methodist Church is located at 1630 Park Ave. Baltimore 21217
A picturesque building in one of Baltimore’s fashionable neighborhoods  Sadly it could not attract enough  neighbors to be supportive parishioners. It recently closed as a symptom of too many Methodist churches in too small of a geographic area.   It houses an intact and unaltered   Hook & Hastings ,opus 1336. Installed in 1887 as a new instrument. It features an unusual open pipe arrangement with a detached console.    

      Great                                        Swell                                     Pedal
 8 Open Diapason                     8 Viola                                   16 Bourdon
 8 Melodia                                  8 Stopped Bass                      Sw/P
 8 Dulciana                                 8 Stopped Dia. Treble            Gt/P
 4 Octave                                    4 Flute Harmonique
 2 Fifteenth                                 8 Oboe (tc)
 Sw/Gt                                         8 Basoon bass

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Lutheran Church of the Redeemer

Lutheran Church of the Redeemer 4211 Vermont Avenue, Baltimore 21229 (410) 644-6780

Located in the Irvington neighborhood of west Baltimore 2 man- 9 ranks built by Wilson Reily 1890. Organ restored 1988,  excellent condition, featured at the 1991 OHS convention. Easy to move.  Though modest in size, the stops blend with one another to create a wide variety of tones. New silent blower
Can be had for less than $50,000

Great                                  Swell                                   Pedal
 8 Open Diapason              8 Violin Diapason             16 Bourdon
 8 Melodia                          8 Stopped Diapason           Gt/ Ped
 8 Dulciana                         8 Salicional                           Sw/ Gt
 4 Principal                         4 Flute Harmonic
 Sw/Gt                                 8 Oboe
 Sw/ Gt octave

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Berea Temple Seventh Day Adventis Church

Berea Temple, 1901 Madison Avenue Baltimore MD 21217
Built as Baltimore HebrewCongregation (AKA Madison Ave Temple) in 1891 It houses an 1891 George Hutchings pipe organ.  Originally built as a 2 manual instrument, it featured Hutchings electropneumatic action. Some years later Hutchings was contracted to install a Choir division and three manual batwing console.
The original instrument and console are virtually untouched. The organ is located in chambers in a second floor gallery. The instrument has been silent for many years.
The Berea Congregation would like to sell the instrument.

       Great                                          Swell
16 Open Diapason                           16 Bourdon Bass
  8 Open Diapason                             8 Voilin Diapason
  8 Gross Flute                                    8 Salicional
  8 Gamba                                            8 Voix Celeste
  8 Dolce                                              8 Aeoline
  4 Octave                                           4 Violina
  4 Flut d’ amour                                4 Flute Harmonique
2-2/3 Twelfth                                     2 Flautino
  2 Fifteenth                                      III Dolce Cornet
 III Mixture                                         8 Cornopean
  8 Trumpet                                         8 Oboe

    Choir                                               Pedal
8 Diapason                                       16 Dipason
8 Melodia                                         16 Bourdon
8 Dulciana                                        16 Gedackt
8 Unda Maris                                     8 Flute
4 Waldflute                                        8 Gedackt
8 Clarinet                                            8 Violincello

Monday, July 4, 2011

St. Luke's Episcopal, Franklin Square

This magnificent church is slated for closure in the near future. The organ presently works,  is in use, but needs total restoration.
 Three man 1884 Roosevelt, (opus 131) organ; 27 ranks with three original preps in Gt and one original prep in Sw; EP pull downs and console by Lewis & Hitchcock in the 1920's. The original configuration was somewhat altered in the 1920's and a facade installed facing the transept. All chests are on one level and able to install in new setting fairly easily. Featured at the1991 OHS convention  217 N Carey Street  Baltimore, MD 21223

    Great                                             Swell (enclosed)                                      
 16 Double Open (no pipes)                 16 Bourdon bass                        
   8 Open Diapason                               16 Bourdon treb                         
   8 Doppel Flute                                     8 Open Diapason                       
   8 Viol d’ Gamba                                   8 Stopped Diapason
   4 Octave                                               8 Salicional
   4 Flute (no pipes)                                8 Dolce (no pipes)
 *2-2/3 Twelfth                                       4 Gemshorn
 *2 Fifteenth                                           4 Flute Traverse
 *III Mixture (no pipes)                        III Cornet
 *8 Trumpet                                            8 Cornopean
 (* enclosed in Choir box)                    8 Oboe

    Choir (enclosed)                                 Pedal  
  8 Geigen Principal                            16 Open Diapason
  8 Concert Flute                                 16 Subbass
  8 Dulciana                                          8 Violoncello
  4 Fugara
  4 Flute d amour
  2 Piccolo
  8 Clarinet

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Pipe organ for sale

 St. Edward Catholic Church 901 Poplar Grove St, Baltimore, Maryland 21216
Moller pipe organ, opus 6905 1940 probably designed by Whiteleg.  Unused for approx. 30 years. 16 ranks, original condition, appears not to have been rebuilt, draw-knob console, 4” wind pressure, metal pipes are of spotted metal and of large scaling and voiced for a large room.  Two enclosed balcony chambers, no facade, neat layout. Dry chambers, all parts in very good condition, except some damage to Gt mixture and bass of Trumpet due to broken tie tape and decayed leather. Good as presently designed or as core for larger instrument.
Church wishes to sell the organ

 GREAT                            SWELL                                PEDAL
8 Diapason                      16 LB  (ext)                           16 Open Dia
8 Harmonic Flute             8 Geigen Principal              16 Bourdon
8 Dulciana                         8 Stopped Dia                    16 LB (sw)
4 Octave                            8 Salicional                           8 Octave
4 Harmonic Flute (ext)     8 Celeste                               8 Bourdon
II Grave Mixture               4 Principal (ext)                    8 LB (sw)  
                                           4 Flute (ext)                           8 Trumpet (sw)
                                       2-2/3 Nazard (ext)
                                           2 Piccolo
                                         III Mixture (1-1/3)
                                           8 Trumpet